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01 Letting off some steam

Hi, I'm Reborn and I'm an evil little baby who likes to point guns at people and takes orders from NO ONE! I enjoy sticking people in awkward and dangerous situations and watching from a safe distance so no one will blame me. I'm cruel and sneaky and have an ego the size of the entire Grand Line! But everything always goes well in the end because I'm only a foot tall infant who sucks up to nice girls with my little three piece suit and matching hat~!

Seriously?!! How does he do it!? I've only been like this for a few days and I can't stand it!

Deep breaths... only a couple more days to go and everything'll be fine. Boy am I glad I got that out of my system. Maybe I'll just go for a walk. Yeah, that should help.

[[OoC: So Tsuna was venting and meant to make this private << yeeeaaah. When he gets back from his little walk and see's he has comments he'll just give up and assume it's too late to change it. All comments are post walk]]
Tsuna, I have been putting this off for quite some time, but since I received a letter about the incident from the Ninth today, I've decided to finally make mention of it.

Now, his letter, in its entirety is rather long and filled with long boring details of assassinations, territorial disputes and a few illicit under the table drug deals, so I will merely reproduce here the section that pertains to you.

Dear Sawada Tsunayoshi, Tenth Head of the Vongola,
I was very pleased to hear from Reborn that you have finally lost your virginity. He has been updating me on your progress in all areas for quite some time, and I must admit to having been very concerned about your actions and experience in certain fields. He has described her as an incredibly lovely woman, and I'm glad to see that in this area, as in so many others, you have managed to eventually surpass my expectations. I am proud to say that I have absolutely no qualms about being able to turn over leadership of the Famiglia to you once you are finally of age. You are truly becoming a remarkable young man.
Vongola IX.

In any case, while that is all well and good, Tsuna, I have more than a few criticisms about your technique and ah...handling of the situation. In the interests of not making your head explode discretion, we will discuss these at a later date. In my office.

And to that 'incredibly lovely woman,' (I'm sure you know who you are), I flatter myself to think that I could show you a better time than Tsuna did, should you happen to be interested.

[Sorry for my long absence and sorry to post and run. I promise I'll be back really really soon!]

33 The fruits of our labor...

Mission complete. Success is very very sweet.


In the end, we meant it quite literally.

We brought back pie. Would anyone else like some?
Since I did not get a call back (through no fault of yours, I'm sure, Tashigi), I shall have to resort to this rather crude and public method.

Tsuna. We'll be leaving in two days, regardless of whatever other events come up. I'm bringing you with me whether you're ready or not.

And Nevan...your mother and I need to have a long talk with you about appropriate restaurant behavior.

31 Well, this is disappointing.

This is a sad attempt, dame-Tsuna. I'd expected far better. Since I cannot imagine anyone else could manage to do worse...

Go die.

OOC cutCollapse )
[[ooc: Reborn is dressed in a Santa costume, but is still very obviously himself. Feel free to have your characters recognize him or not, as you like. Those who know canon know what I'm talking about?]]

In the video, he is standing on the deck of the yacht, carrying a huge bag (much larger than he is), while Leon sits dressed in a cute little winter outfit on his shoulder.

"Oho ho ho," he says in a gruff, put-upon Santa voice, and then, in his usual tone, "Ciaossu, everyone. Since the holidays are coming upon us, it's only right that we decorate to suit the season."

He reaches into the bag and somehow manages to pull out a six-foot high Christmas tree. Then he does it again. And again. Until there are...well, a lot of them.

"The Vongola Christmas tree decorating competition begins now. Everyone is free to participate. You may collaborate if you wish. If you're not on the Vongola or the submarine, please send in pictures. The winner will get one wish granted. The loser will die." As if to punctuate, Leon clambers down Reborn's arm and transforms briefly into a gun (with a red streak through it - even he can be festive), and then back again. "The winner will be announced the day before Christmas Eve."

He turns to survey the scene, and then magically puts all but one of the trees back into his bag. He glances over his shoulder at the camera. "Incidentally, dame-Tsuna, I expect this entire ship to be decorated as well." Picks up the bag and trudges away from the camera, "Hohoho..."

[[ooc: All right, this was spur of the moment, but why not? Also, entirely not serious, so no pressure.

Feel free to google real pictures (or maybe even photographs of your own trees? :D), or use these various links to design a tree online. Take a screen shot and post it! Comment on other people's trees! Have fun?

OH, and since I think this needs to be linked for everyone, because I like to play with it every year. This site allows you design and decorate some absolutely beautiful snowflakes. Post these too, or I dunno, add them to your tree, if you want, XD]]

29 Always something to take care of...

My, such eventful times we're living in.

Yuki Eiri, as your agent, I think we need to finalize those plans we discussed earlier. It's really something I feel is better discussed in person so you can't talk your way out of it. So I'll be seeing you in a day or so, if Mello does not mind the imposition.

Gokudera, I need to see you in my office before I go.

And Tsuna? I'm proud of you but- Don't let it get to your head.

Welcome to everyone who is joining us in celebration of the seventeenth birthday of Sawada Tsunayoshi, the Tenth Head of the Vongola Family. The weather looks lovely today, which is perfect, since the party will be taking place mainly out of doors...

Here is the venue...Collapse )

...an Italian-style villa, with extensive grounds, including flower gardens, walking paths, a lily pond, several impressive fountains, and a hedge maze. Food is provided outside by several banquet tables. Indoors, you will find a grand ballroom, several balconies and, should you be so inclined, the rooftop. There is a patio overlooking the main fountain if you wish to take in the scenery without straying too far. Feel free to wander as you please. The house is extensive and you never know what you might find in its various rooms...

Vongolian BirthdayCollapse )
Greetings to everyone new. How nice of the two of you to join us, 風, Yamamoto.

Everything's been cleared up, Miranda. And Nico Robin? I am very impressed.

[Filtered from Tsuna, mailed to everyone]

[You receive an elegant envelope with a wax seal in the shape of the Vongola emblem, tied with a complicated black ribbon.]

[If you choose to open it, this is what you'll find.]Collapse )